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Our core focus is on the application of technologies into learning and teaching. Edunova designs and implements ambitious plans in partnership with stakeholders. We also find new ways of supporting these stakeholders and beneficiaries in order to achieve a secure transition to their desired future state. Edunova provides customised solutions, either as part of its core service, or in partnership with other leading edge providers.


The Jane Furse LEED project and Learning Centre launch took place on Wednesday 21 May. This exciting event saw project stakeholders coming together from all parts of South Africa to celebrate the opening of Edunova's newest Learning Centre.

The Learning Centre, housed in the heart of the LEAP 5 school in Jane Furse, has been under construction since November last year. This newly renovated facility, is now an open-plan, modern teaching and learning space; a fresh and colourful mobile environment equipped with wireless internet, interactive educational resources and mobile technology devices including laptops and tablets.

The Jane Furse Learning Centre is the innovative vehicle, through which the LEAP and Edunova education technology integration programmes will be delivered. These activities are designed to build 21st century education capacity in principals and educators, sharing best practice to effect positive improvements in learner achievement and educational outcomes in the 12 project schools in Jane Furse.

John's Blog
'No' to a slow approach!
01/10/2014 | John Thole

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