Brand Ambassadors


What it means to be an Edunova ambassador?

Edunova is a civil society organisation which means that it has a vision to improve society and the lives of citizens. The specific mission of Edunova is to work with under resourced schools to improve the opportunities for children to access learning and grow into being fulfilled young adults.

Become an Ambassador

Becoming an ambassador for the educational cause being championed by Edunova is a valued one and one for which the organisation is extremely grateful. Other than simply being a supporter of Edunova there are a number of interconnected roles that an ambassador of Edunova should play:

  • invest time to understand the work being carried out by Edunova
  • develop your own authentic ‘voice’ so that your ambassadorial role is credible
  • endorse, support and promote the work that Edunova is doing
  • initiate a campaign for Edunova
  • use your networks (friends, church groups, sports groups, family etc.) to raise awareness of the main programmes being run by Edunova
  • use social media to share and promote Edunova and education projects
  • be proactive and be consistent in service – set time aside once a month or once a week, whatever is manageable for you, and then commit to carrying out the various advocacy tasks you need to. Consistency is key to success
  • monitor the Edunova website and social media pages so that you can promote any events of fundraising initiatives
  • visit a project site to gain first hand understanding of the work being done
  • research and get to know the members of Edunova and some of the history
  • introduce business leaders and managers to Edunova – corporates have funds they need to spend annually on Corporate Social projects

In return for being an Edunova ambassador the following privileges apply:

  • invitation to attend the AGM
  • your name published on the Edunova website
  • sponsored entries to selected events each year
  • for remote events some sponsorship of logistics will be provided
  • Edunova apparel for events
  • Volunteering opportunities