“Technology will not replace teachers, but teachers who use technology will probably replace those who do not” -
Ray Clifford


The Learning Centre is not only a place to learn new skills and to support educators in improving their technology skills but it is:

  • a place of collaboration
  • a place of hope – a place of intersections
  • place of new learnings
  • a catalyst
  • a place of invitation

encouraging and facilitating entrepreneurship and innovation

The use of technology in today’s world is a non-negotiable. Where previously technology may have been seen as an ‘add-on,’ this attitude  is hopefully behind us and technology can now be recognised as a vital tool to support, motivate and improve learning.

Young people live in a world of technology reality and understand the relevance of technology – creating and establishing new roles in schools, so that the teachers, children and Principals can be supported during the processes of integrating technology into the life and learning pathways of young people.

A team is needed to bridge that gap and enable both educators and learners to incorporate technology into the learning processes taking place during the school day. Edunova has been bridging this gap since 2005 and has been working to develop a new role within schools: a role that sees a teacher having daily support to build and develop his or her own skills, a role that sees ICT facilities being used effectively on a daily basis, a role that merges technology with learning, a role that addresses language and cultural differences, a role that provides employment and a role that enables career pathways to be developed. 

A centre such as the Langa Learning Centre does not simply happen.  Our funding partner Coca Cola Peninsula Beverages are to be acknowledged and thanked for their courage in supporting and funding this project and for seeing the possibilities being created. The community of Langa is a unique one and Edunova will work hard to use this facility for high impact. This Learning Centre will be the hub for the engagement with all schools.

Rotary Newlands have been fantastic facilitators and have asked some tough questions along the way.  Having a relationship with the Rotary team has enabled this centre to become a reality.

Edunova and LEAP have partnered on this project and our teams will work hard to integrate processes and function to support the education work in LEAP as well as across the broader community of Langa.

"The principal goal of education is to create people who are capable of doing new things, not simply repeating what other generations have done." Piaget


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