This is a unique trail event and one which serves to bring trail runners together in teams of 4 and to enjoy a morning out in the open running between the vines on dirt road and jeep tracks.

In order to register follow this process:

1. Get together a team of 4 runners and collect their names, surnames, ID numbers, shirt sizes.
2. Nominate a team captain!
3.Create a  cool name for your team! This will be needed for the online registration process.
4. Decide your team theme, ie. the yellow team, the flower power team, the lycra team, 'back to school' team, etc.

5. You can enter in the following categories:
 - Mens
 - Ladies
 - Primary School
 - High School 
 - Mixed mens and ladies
 - Family
 - Business/Company

The EDUNOVA TRAIL RELAY works like this:
There are 3 trail 'loops' or distances.
Loop 1 is 1km, loop 2 is 3km and loop 3 is 5km.
There are 4 team members.
Teams arrange themselves in pairs and each pair then runs each of the distances/routes in their pairs.
This means that each team pair will have to complete 1km + 3km + 5km = Total of 9km 
Once the team has completed the 9km the entire team of 4 will need to run one final 1km loop together to complete the relay race.

Team members 1 & 2 runs 1km then hands the baton to team members 3 & 4
Team members 3 & 4 runs the 1km then hands the baton to team members 1 & 2 
Team members 1 & 2 runs 3km then hands the baton to team members 3 & 4
Team members 3 & 4 runs the 3km then hands the baton to team members 1 & 2 
Team members 1 & 2 runs 5km then hands the baton to team members 3 & 4
Team members 3 & 4 runs the 5km then joins team members 1 & 2 to all run a final 1km loop.

The team must finish this final 1km loop together and once they cross the finish line the event is complete!

There will be a winner in each category!

Entry fee:
For all adult teams (over 18 years old) the cost is R125 per team member = R500 for team.
For all school teams (18 years and younger) the cost is R50 per team member = R200 for team.

Please pay the full team entry fee on this platform.
All proceeds after direct expenses will go toward the Edunova education projects.

What you will receive for your entry fee
Each team member over the age of 18 will receive a free bottle of Somerbosch wine and a delicious burger made in the Bistro Restaurant at Somerbosch.
For those team members who are 18 and younger there will be a softdrink (instead of a bottle of wine) and a delicious burger for you! 

- well marked trails on the beautiful Somerbosch Wine Estate
- coffee for sale (10% of proceeds will go toward the Edunova education projects)
- music
- village for socialising while waiting for team members to complete their loops! 
- lucky draws, medals
- prizes for most original team theme and dress
- prizes for category winners

On the day:
Race registration from 6.30 to 7.00am
Race briefing at 7.15am
All team members to be present for race registration and race briefing
Relay tags will be issued to each team member
Relay start is at 7.30am
Prize giving at 11.00am

The idea is to enter as a team, support your team mates while they are running and generally enjoy a unique wonderful time together in a relaxed community atmosphere!

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