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The ITE Programme is Edunova’s flagship programme focused on unemployed youth. It is internally established to provide youth with 21st century knowledge, education and the skills needed to understand the complex, theoretical and applied uses of information technology in various areas of life. Edunova promotes training and work placement initiatives in a bid to help address skills development, job creation and poverty alleviation.


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The purpose of ICT Leadership Development is to equip school principals and e-Learning (ICT) leaders with the knowledge and skills needed to implement, develop and sustain ICT best practice in their schools. The programme aims to raise relevant awareness about ICT integration in education at leadership level, and enable educational leaders to make informed decisions around the inclusion and implementation of ICT tools in their schools.

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This ICT integration programme is designed to be a hands-on, engaging and highly participatory year-long course (9 face-to-face sessions) in which you, as educators, are able to access rich professional development opportunities to help you gain skills and confidence in integrating ICT into your teaching and learning.

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Edunova uses school facilities to design and implement a range of learner support programmes.

In general these are after-school programmes that support literacy and numeracy in the primary school and Maths, Science and English in the High Schools. The use of mobile technologies such as tablets, laptops and cell phones can be included. An appreciation of the school context informs the design of these programmes and the availability of the internet for learning remains a critical aspect of whether a reliance on the online resources can be developed.

After school learner support is often linked to the availability of staffing and here Edunova is often able to support a school by partnering with local community members to enable this programme.


Edunova has a broad range of experience and skills when it comes to the effective use of ICT in schools. The most frequently requested ‘packages’ or workshops are listed below but if there is a need to fit a specific request then our team will engage with schools to respond to that need.

Direction setting for ICT

ICT Vision building

ICT integration in education

ICT tools

Primary school – literacy and numeracy

High School –  Maths, Science and English

Work placement initiatives :

Skills development, job creation and poverty alleviation

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